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Air Monitors require calibration to insure the accuracy measure and detect the gases they were designed to detect. We use NIST traceable gas standard, as specified by each manufacturer, to calibrate each gas detector we service.

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Maintenance is required on all gas detectors to insure they work properly. Maintenance includes but is not limited to sensor replacement, filter replacement, pump cleaning and replacement if needed.

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Air monitors typical repairs involve: the replacement of pumps, battery packs, flow blocks and tubing as well as the replacement of electronic components such as switches, displays and circuit boards.

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Tech Support

We provide free technical phone support to all our customers. Our factory trained service technicians can answer your questions and provide you with the information and equipment you need for your application.

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Sales and Customer Service

Contact Customer Service Toll Free at 1-877-832-4737 for help in selecting the best air monitor for your application. Our inside sales dept. have experienced professionals that can answer all your questions regarding this equipment.